Academic Policies

Reporting of new Students
The dates for the reporting of new students are contained in the admission
letter. Immediately on arrival, new students must report to the Registrar to register their presence. The student
is then given a registration No. and guided through all the procedures of registration, including payment of
school fees, classes, accommodation, feeding and other facilities.

Information to Students
Information from the administration to students is posted to the website www. or to the personal email address “” which the student is assigned on
arrival by the office of the Registrar or through SMS to the students personal mobile phones, or through our
Radio FM or but to a less extent through the notice Boards and assemblies.

Orientation Period
ACCT will carry on the orientation during the first three days of reporting of the
new students. This exercise will involve the Principal, Registrar, Bursar, Human Resource Manager, College
dean, Deans of Faculties, Librarian, Medical Officer, and the Invited prominent personnel eg the Board of
Directors, Governing Council, Opinion Leaders, Experienced Entrepreneurs etc. During the orientation period,
the students are taken through the, Career Guidance, Projects of the College, Infrastructures, Policies of the
College, Registration and other levels of sensitization etc.

Registration Excersice
Every new and continuing students mandated to register as a student immediately he/she reports at the college for the firs time or at the beginning of the semester. The student is then given a student registration number which will be a user reference all the time at the college even after completion. The registration exercise runs concurrently with lectures during the first week of the semester and first day of reporting. Students who qualify to register must have paid at least 50% of the college fees. A penalty of 50,000 is paid by a continuing student who fails to register one week after the semester has began or a week after
the arrival of the new student There are four types of registration in the college which all new students should
undertake. The continuing student must undergo the registration exercise at the beginning of every semester:

  1. Full Registration. The student will fill a registration form giving details of academic background or progress,
    and personal information. The student on registration will be given a student number. Such a student
    number will be used as a file number. The registered student will therefore have a personal file where all
    correspondences pertaining to the student will be kept. The information will also be fed in the data for future
  2. Registration for Classes. Each lecturer needs to have genuine students to attend their classes. The list of the
    students to attend particular classes has to be prepared by the Registrar and presented to the Instructors.
  3. Registration For Residencies. Both new and continuing students will be allocated rooms and beds in the halls
    of residence. A student will be an illegal occupant of a hostel/room/bed if not allocated by the Dean and does
    not have an official card. Such a space can be allocated to any other bona file student and the illegal occupant
  4. Registration For Feeding. Since some students feed them selves, it is necessary that the students who wish to
    be fed by the college register with the Dean first who will send the list of the feeding students to the caterer.
    The feeding students will carry meal cards every time they are to have a meal.
  5. Registration For Examination. Registration for the examinations set by Makerere University Business School
    and those of African College of commerce and Technology is carried out at the beginning of every semester,
    while the registrations for the examinations set by the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board,
    Kyambogo University etc is normally communicated.

No Registration on more than one Programme!
Students should note that the college does not allow one to register in more than one academic programme at
the same time. If this is discovered, the student is charged double the Functional and Tuition fees.

The names to use when registering are those which appear on your Admission Letter of offer and must
be the same names which appear on your ‘O’ Level, ‘A’ Level result slips/ Certificates and birth certificates.

Cases of impersonation, falsification of information on documents, fraudulent access or giving
false/ incomplete information, whenever discovered either at registration or afterwards , will lead to automatic
cancellation of admission, dismissal from the College, revocation of awards where applicable and prosecution
in the Courts of law.

Change of Programme
A student may be allowed to change from one porgramme to another only after
seeking official permission from the Registrar, who will in return grant the permission in writing. Applying for
change of programme should not be deemed as an automatic granting of permission. The Academic Board will
first scrutinize the application before the Registrar gives an official permission in writing. Change of programme
can only be accepted within the first 14 days from the beginning of first semester of the first academic year.

Withdraw from the Programme
A fully registered and paid up student may choose to withdraw, from
programme for various reasons. In such a situation, the student is required to seek official permission from the
Registrar for a dead semester or year, who will in return grant the permission in writing. Applying for withdrawal should not be deemed as an automatic granting of permission. The academic board will first scrutinize the application before the registrar gives an official permission in writing.
Student can be allowed to withdraw from the college for a period not exceeding one academic year. However a
student may complete a one year certificate programme, join the field and re appear back for a two year diploma
programme at own pace.

Abscondment from a Programme
A student is deemed to have absconded from a program if he/she
has not registered for the semester or fails to attended lectures, or has not done course works and has not sat
for examination for a semester. Any first year student who will not have registered according to the registration
timetable shall be deemed to have declined the offer of a place. A continuing student will re apply as a fresh
student after being absent for over one academic year.

Progression of a Student
shall be classified as normal, Probation or discontinued.

  1. Normal progression occurs when a student passes each course taken with a minimum grade point of 2.00.
  2. Probational progress is a warning stage and it occurs when a student fails a course unit(s) or has GPA or CGPA
    of less than 2.00
  3. Stay Put is where a student who fails more than a half of the total number of courses in a semester shall be
    required to stay on that semester until the failed courses are cleared. When the GPA of a student goes up in
    the following semester, the probation is removed.
  4. Re-taking occurs when a student fails some course units and shall retake any course when it is offered next,
    to pass or to improve performance. A student shall retake in a course only three times.
  5. Discontinuation. A student is discontinued when he or she has:
    1. Received three (3) consecutive probations on the same core or compulsory course.
    2. Received a CGPA of less than 2.0 for three consecutive probations.
    3. Failed to present him/her-self for final examinations without giving sufficient reasons.
    4. Over stayed on the programme for a period of more than four years.

Grading Courses
Each course unit will be graded out of a maximum of one hundred (100) marks and assigned grade point as

Marks (%) Grade Points
80-100 5.00
75-79 4.50
70-74 4.00
65-69 3.50
60-64 3.00
55-59 2.50
50-54 2.00
Below 50 0.00

The course pass mark is 50% which is Grade Point 2.0.
No credit unit will be awarded for any course in which a student fails.

Classification of Final Awards (old)
Class Final CGPA Letter Grade
First Class 4.4 – 5.0 A
Second Class Upper Division 4.0 – 4.3 B+
Second Class Lower Division 3.0 – 3.9 B
Pass 2.0 – 2.9 C
Fail 1.0 – 1.9 D

Classification of Final Awards (new)
The National Council for Higher Education has revised the classification for final awards. The students graduating
today have been assessed using the old criteria because this was the basis for their admission. In the next
awards, the classification will be as follows:
Distinction 4.40 – 5.00
Credit 2.80 – 4.39
Pass 2.00 – 2.79

Admission of a Student from another Institution
A Student who has been studying from an institution and wishes to join ACCT is accepted for admission as long
as they have minimum requirements. There are two categories of students.

  1. From a recognized institution. The student is required to present the academic transcript or statement of
    results from the previous institution and in addition to all other admission requirements. The grades so far
    scored are transferred into our systems. If the student is joining in the middle of the academic year, pays full
    functional fees and half tuition fee of the past semester.
  2. From un recognized institution. This students will be required to under go assessment in all the courses of all
    the semesters studied from the un recognized institution. Will pay functional fees and half of the tuition fees
    for each of the past semesters.

Recognising of already aquired Practical Skills
Our research has revealed that there are people who acquired practical skills without formal training, eg
mechanics, welders, builders, carpenters etc and those who trained in un recognised institutions but acquired
the skills and are working. African College of Commerce is coming up with a mop up training arrangement,
assess and award those who will prove that they have knowledge and competence.

Students who successfully complete their training with us are considered for graduation where
they are awarded with certificates or Diplomas of ACCT or MUBS or UBTEB, or Kambogo University or any
other examining body to which African College of Commerce and Technology may be affiliated to. Graduation
Ceremonies take place every year at the college.

Recognition and Reward
As part of the College’s Recognition of Excellent processes, students and staff who consistently achieve positive
results will be issued with Certificates of Excellent performance. The recognition and reward of student and staff
achievement is an essential ingredient of staff and student management and will be conducted annually.

Withdraw from Studies
Registered students who may choose to withdraw from studies for various
reasons have to seek permission from the Principal. Any student who intends to withdraw from the college can
only do so within the first 14 days from the 1st day of the beginning of the first semester of the first academic
year. A student who withdraws from the College after the expiry of 14 days from the beginning of the first academic year shall be deemed to have attended and failed to complete the programme. Such a student is liable
for payment of full amount of college fees for the whole semester.
Only 30% of the figure for tuition can be refunded to a student who withdraws before 14 days. No refund of any
monies paid is made after 14 days from the start of the semester. Students seeking for a dead year or semester
are not eligible for refund. Refunds of fees are made to the sponsor and not to the student unless otherwise
authorized by the sponsor. Functional fee, fees for accommodation and feeding are not refunded. The refund
is made to the sponsor or with his/her authority and not to the student except for those students sponsoring

Academic Units / Faculties
The academic units where teaching takes place are called faculties and are
headed by the Deans of Faculties. There are presently three faculties each with departments as indicated below:
Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Vocational and Faculty of Engineering. The students are advised
to route the academic problems through their respective Deans of Faculties.

Industrial Training
Every student is required to go for industrial training if he/she has completed 1 year.
The student on certificate has to do internship before joining diploma or qualifying for graduation. The student
will be required to write a 10 page report about the findings during the industrial training. A student may go for
industrial training as many times as possible. The more the better, but the college supervises one.

Study Tours
The college owns a 30 seater bus for taking the students and staff for field study tours, research
and exposure The field study tours are conducted once a year for each student, while the college where necessary
may contribute fuel, the students or staff contribute to their own welfare.

ACCT students are encouraged to be innovative and creative. This is where they make their
own products or services outside the scope of their classes. This is compulsory for every student of ACCT to
manufacture a product, an article or provide a service that is unique and not necessarily what they study in
class. The college will where possible assist the students with the available facilities. The assessment of the
innovation will be regularly conducted.