Admission Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Diploma Programmes

The minimum entry requirement for Diploma programmes is A level with one principle pass and
two subsidiaries, or its equivalent or certificate obtained from a recognized institution. Duration of Training is two years.

Certificate Programmes

Minimum Entry Requirement for Certificate in is Ordinary level certificate with at least three passes or
its equivalent. Duration of the training is two years.


Requirements for Registration

For an applicant to qualify to be a full student of the ACCT he / she
must be registered. Registration is a mandatory function of the College, which must be done on arrival or at
least within the first two days of reporting. The registration exercise helps the administration on planning for
facilities of the students. A student will register for specific training programmes for ACCT, or MUBS or UBTEB
or Kyambogo, Other facilities will include library, medical, accommodation, feeding etc.

Originals and two photocopies of each of the following documents:

  1. Academic documents of the previous schools/Institution
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. National Identity card
  4. Identity card from the previous schools or Institutions
  5. Six (6) most recent passport size photographs (current likeness )
  6. One passport photo of a parent or guardian
  7. Married students need to come with the marriage certificate or a letter certified by LC I, LC II of the students
    home area that the student is married. A passport of the spouse has to be attached.
  8. The working class, who wish join other modes of study other than full-time have to present a recommendation
    from the employer on top of the above
  9. Students upgrading with us from other institutions, have to present the academic transcript of the lower
    levels from the former awarding institution and two verified copies.

A student who does not provide the above evidence will not be registered. A student who completes the
registration exercise is given a registration card for the classes, and those who complete payment of school
fees are issued with Campus cards and examination permits and full admission letters.


Other Requirements

  1. One ream of white bond papers per annum,
  2. One roll of toilet papers big size per annum.
  3. One text book in one of the courses offered once.
  4. At least six personal counter books of not less than two quires each
  5. Students of engineering and vocational programmes must put on overall or overcoats
    which are available at the college at a price not below 20,000/=
  6. Personal items. Students provide themselves with beddings, jell cans, plates and cups, enough stationery, Sweater or Jacket, mosquitoes nets and other personal apparatus.
  7. Parents should provide to their children Personal tools and equipment, e.g. laptops for computer students, cameras for journalism students, and other Vocational and Engineering tools and appliances. Sending a child to the institution without personal tool is like sending a cultivator to dig without a hoe.
  8. Refer to the student policy paper on school fees payment regulations and refund. All monies are banked on African College of Commerce and Technology Bank accounts – Centenary Bank Account No. 7010011782 or Post bank Account No.1631200000050 or Bank of Baroda No. 95120200000096. Any attempt to pay through mobile money must strictly be on 0776446646 followed by a message of particulars of the student. MUBS, NCHE, UBTEB and KYU funds are banked on their respective bank accounts provided in the banks bursars office.

ACCT – African College of Commerce & Technology.
MUBS – Makerere University Business School
NCHE – National Council for Higher Education
UBTEB – Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board
KYU – Kyambogo University