Accounting and Finance (DAF)

The Diploma of Accounting and Finance programme provides practical training that prepares students for a career in Accounting and Finance. In this programme, students will learn about working in the financial services industry as an accounting or finance professional or as an entrepreneur. 

The programme is designed for students with little or no previous knowledge of accounting and finance but wish to develop career in these fields. The course is an ideal introductory course and will provide students with the skills necessary to progress within numerous accounting support roles in organizations or to pursue a professional accounting and academic qualification.

Benefit of the Program

  • Help graduates to maintain accurate records, prepare timely financial reports, invest wisely and manage risk.
  • To facilitate decision making especially in accounting areas
  • Enhance the entrepreneurial abilities in students to be able to create jobs in the fast growing financial services sector, which in the long run can reduce unemployment.

Target Group

This diploma program is designed to cater for all those who meet the admission requirements and include: 

  • Holders UACE [A Level] in Science and arts subjects
  • Holders of UCE [O Level] with relevant certificate to improve on their careers
  • In-service business professionals officers with relevant Certificate qualifications

Minimum Entry Requirement

UACE with at least one principal pass in Economics or Math with 2 subsidiary passes & 5 passes at O’ Level


UCE / O’level with at least three credits and a certificate from a recognised institution

Program Structure for Diploma in Accounting and Finance  (DAF)      

  Year One     Semester One
S/No.Course  Name
1Financial Accounting I  
2Principles of ICT 
3Business Economics 
4Business Administration  
5Computer Applications I 
6Accounting and Finance Project I 
Year One     Semester Two 
1.Financial Accounting II 
3.Communication Skills 
4.Business Law 
5.Principles of Management 
6.Computer Applications II
Year Two    Semester One
1Financial Accounting III 
2Money and Banking 
3Business finance  
4Cost Accounting 
Year  Two    Semester Two
1Income Tax
2Principles of Auditing
3Public Sector Accounting
4Financial Markets
5Accounting Software