Certificate Programs

The entry requirement for certificate programs is Ordinary Level certificate with as least three passes or its equivalent.
Duration of the training is two years.

Certificate Programs offered at ACCT
Faculty of Business and Management
National Certificate in Accountancy (NCA)
Business Administration (CBA)
Business Management (CBM)
Entrepreneurship and Businesses Management (CEBM)
National Certificate in Business Studies (NCBS)
Public Administration and Management (CPAM)
Faculty of Vocational
Computing and Information Technology (CCIT)
Graphics and Design (CGD)
Hair Dressing (CHD)
Human Beauty (CHB)
Journalism (CJ)
Library and Information Studies (CLIS)
Records Management (CRM)
Secretarial and Information Management (CSIM)
Tourism and Hotel Management (CTHM)
Faculty of Engineering
National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM)
Bio Energy (CBE)
National Certificate in Building Construction (NCBC)
National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance (NCES)
Electronics Technology (CET)
Industrial Ceramics (CIC)
Lather Turning and Shoe Making (CLTSM)
Machining and Fitting (CMF)
National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL)
Solar Energy (CSE)
Tailoring, Fashion and Design (CTFD)
Welding and Fabrication (CWF)
Wood Word Technology (CWWT)