The African College of Commerce and Technology has gone a long way since it was founded on 14th April 1986. View the milestones of our development below.

  • 14th April 1986: Commissioned as a business education institution under the name African College of Commerce
  • June 1986: Registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education in Uganda
  • 1990: First graduation ceremony
  • 1992: Introduced computer science courses
  • 1994: Affiliated to Uganda National Examinations Board (now known as Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board – UBTEB)
  • 2003: Affiliated to Makerere University Business School (MUBS)
  • 2005: Received financial support from the Federal Republic of Germany in order to establish a campus including buildings, computers, text books and a developing human resource department
  • 2007: Bronze award Employer Of The Year 2006 by the Federation of Uganda Employers
  • 2008: Accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) as a recognized institution of higher learning in Uganda
  • 2010: Starting rebrand process to the name African College of Commerce and Technology due to the introduction of more technical and vocational programs
  • 16th April 2011: Silver jubilee (25 years), celebrated with an outreach to Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Burundi and Kenya
  • 2012: Transformation into a fully-fledged polytechnic. Engaged all the training programs into innovation and production units for products and services; concretized the hands on training and competence based approach
  • 2014
    • Official name change from African College of Commerce (ACC) to African College of Commerce and Technology (ACCT)
    • Introduction of an online service for results and fee payments
  • 2015:
    • Certificate of Classification and Registration by NCHE
    • All programs are accredited by NCHE
    • Affiliated to Kyambogo University for a diploma in Instructor and Technical Teacher Education (DITTE)
  • 2016: Celebrated 30 years and 13th graduation on 15-04-2016;
    2018: Accredited by Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board for the examination of Diploma in Engineering Programmes. All centres harmonised under No. BTV062;
    2018: Accredited by the Directorate of Industrial Training as a centre for UVQF Assessments for levels 1, 2, 3, Modular assessment and the assessment of Workers PAS;
     2018: Cerebrated 32 years and graduated 671 former students;