African College of Commerce and Technology (ACCT) is located in Kabale town, Kabale District of the Kigezi sub-region in the southwest of Uganda. Its distance to Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city, is approximately 410 km (260 miles) by road. Kabale District is a cold area where temperatures range between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius in the dry period between June and early August.

Located in the hills of Kigezi where roads snake around the beautiful hills and its green vegetation most times of the year, ACCT lies in one of the most beautiful parts of Africa and in Kabale, which is also considered to be the Switzerland of Africa.

Kabale has hospitable natives called the Bakiga, which are known to be honest and hard working people.


We are partnered up with volunteering organizations to enable people from all over the world to on the one hand experience the beauty, spirit and culture of Uganda and ACCT, but also on the other hand are able to share what they have learned in the past with students, instructors and even the managing staff at ACCT.

ACCT started receiving volunteers from Europe in 2005 and from that time onward has worked with 15 volunteers from Germany and Japan that served in various areas at ACCT, focusing on Communication Technology and Renewable Energies.

The sending organizations so far were:

Apart from the Senior Expert Service, which offered retired and very experienced people, ACCT usually receives volunteers between the age of 18 and 25 while a majority of the volunteers join us after graduating from High School before joining universities.

Areas of volunteering

  • Teaching the students with guidance of mentors and the administration
    Previous volunteers usually end up doing the teaching independently and with great success.
  • Participating in hands on practical training activities, demonstration, innovations and production of products and exhibitions
  • Take part in theoretical, practical and field assessments of the learners
  • Work on the IT infrastructure of ACCT (e.g. Website updating, network administration)
  • Co-design the curricula, help with lesson and work preparation, class design and projects
  • Connect ACCT with other partners, such as development organizations

What does ACCT provide?

  • Accomodation
  • Help with the processing of visa and other documents
  • A mentor to help identify tasks and provide guidance
  • Workplace (workshop / office)
  • Internet connection (free Wi-Fi)
  • Necessary tools, equipment and materials to enable the volunteer’s work
  • Accompaniment with learning about the environment and integration into the local community
  • Break tea and lunch
  • Free medical treatment
  • Certificate of service at the end of the volunteering period

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