Faculty of Engineering


Established in 2007 with courses in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering has since developed into a Faculty with Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Garment and Automobile Engineering. It aims at skilling and retraining its students, being the cause for a number of innovations. Our students venture innovations like Bio-gas Production, Solar Water Heaters, Aerodynamics, Microelectronics / Computer Use and Garment Fashioning and Designing. With over ten workshops, the over 150 students are moreover trained in practical and research work as well as industrially trained using all the tools, gadgets and machinery ACCT has to offer. As such, we emphasize on a combination of theoretical and practical work, always having in mind our principle: Theory makes practicals perfect.

Our over 25 instructors and lecturers further train Technical Teachers who are given the DITTE Diploma (for an overview of offered specializations see here), which enables them to head technical schools.

Programs Offered

Faculty of Engineering
Diploma inCertificate in
Architectural Design (DAD)
Building and Civil Engineering (DCE)
Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (DCSEE)
Electrical Engineering (DEE)
Industrial Ceramics (DIC)
Lather Turning and Shoe Making (DLTSM)
Mechanical Engineering (DME)
Renewable Energies (DRE)
Tailoring, Fashion and Design (DTFD)
Water Engineering (DWE)
National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM)
Bio Energy (CBE)
National Certificate in Building Construction (NCBC)
National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance (NCES)
Electronics Technology (CET)
Industrial Ceramics (CIC)
Lather Turning and Shoe Making (CLTSM)
Machining and Fitting (CMF)
National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL)
Solar Energy (CSE)
Tailoring, Fashion and Design (CTFD)
Welding and Fabrication (CWF)
Wood Word Technology (CWWT)