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The head office of the African College of Commerce and Technology is located in Kekubo Cell, Kirigime Ward, Southern Division, Kabale Muncipality, Kabale District, Uganda.

Kabale is a beautiful town in the Western Region of Uganda with a population of about 50,000 people. The roads towards Kabale wind up and down the hills of southwestern Uganda, which are responsible for the mild, cool climate in the area.

The college is about 410km away from Kampala, 23km away from the Katuna Border Post to Rwanda and about 90km away from the Bunagana border post to Congo by road.

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Kabale is a beautiful mountainous part of South Western Uganda, where the roads snake up and down the hills. It has a population of around 150,000 people. The area is relatively cold with average temperatures of 16% celecious.

Where is ACCT?

From Kabale city center to ACCT is just about 2 kilometers. From the post office one takes the route to the south of Kabale, passes by Kabale Secondary School, Uganda College of Commerce (UCC) and National Teachers College (NTC) and reaches ACCT by the signs placed there.

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Postal AddressP. O. Box 301
Kabale, Uganda
FunctionNameTel. number(s)E-mail address
PrincipalMr. Tumusiime Andrew+256 776
DirectorMr. Ndemere Adrian+256 772 484739
+256 776 446646
BursarMr. Bagyeruka Valentine+256 772 935116
+256 703 870330
General ManagerMr. Tugumisirize Julius+256 774 664449
+256 783 738977
Academic RegistrarMrs. Tusingwire Juliet+256 776
Deputy Academic RegistrarMr. Tarakikunzire Medad+256 779 173946

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